Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!

Well the month of October flew by and if you're like me your holding on tight as the economy and markets are on a crazy ride. The good news is gas is down to $ 2.49 in my neighborhood and the market staged a huge 900 point rally yesterday. That's what I love about America, there is always hope things will get better.

Here's the scoop on whats new at the website:

  • New Voting Polls - We've got a new Daily Voting poll at - please check it out on our home page - We'll have a special Halloween song vote Thursday through Saturday come vote for your favorite.

  • Adoption Song Free Download - Several years back I was asked by a radio station to write a song for a mother who had recently given up her baby for adoption. For the full story and to download the song please visit "So Many Things"

  • FREE Ebook Available - Would you like to write a love song for that special someone in your life?? Well I'm here to tell you that anyone can do it even if you have no musical experience and dare not sing out of the shower :) We've got a simple 8 Step Process for you to follow on your fun journey to creating your first love song for start the adventure please visit Write a Love Song
Here's an interesting article about a Musical Highway in California . Seems although its popular the endless music all night is driving the residents crazy.

That's all for now newsletter will be going out in 10 days or so. If you are in the US of A please don't forget to vote next week..if you don't vote you can't complain about who wins :)

~Vincent James @

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Website updates Sept 30 & Moreeee!

That's right we launched our first set of updates one day early (so we could get the bugs out :)). now has a wider page format so we can place more content within. New features that just rolled out include a Daily Poll (new poll every day :)) and a Weekly Trivia question (thanks for the answers coming in already). If you have a suggestion for a new Daily Poll or Trivia question please email them to me at Site Feedback.

Our Wedding Music section was greatly expanded with our updates yesterday. Now featuring 3X the number of song suggestions for your Ceremony and Reception. Please check out the new format at Wedding Songs

Our October newsletter will be going out tomorrow Oct 2nd and this will be our very first HTML format newsletter (yes I know I know we're behind the times :)). If you'd like to receive our updates 1x/month just enter your email address at the top of any our pages in our Email News box.

Whats next you say?? Here's a few things coming up very soon:

  • Adoption Song - We have a very special song entitled "So Many Things" that was written for a mother who gave up their child for adoption. We'll be posting the song and lyrics online early in October and reaching out to Adoption agencies to let them know its available.
  • Wedding Blog - We'll be starting a monthly wedding blog written by well respected wedding planners from across the land. Stop in each month to readly timely tips for planning your special day.
  • Love Song FREE Ebook - "How to Write a Love Song & WOW The One You Love" was co-written by myself and songwriter Ande Rasmussen . We'll show you how anyone get create the most unique gift for someone you love no matter what your budget is.
  • Love Song TShirts - Just in time for the holiday season, we'll be offering Love Song TShirts with many different styles available.

That's all for today kiddies...I hope this weekends stock market crazyness isn't affecting you too much. Best bet would be to turn off the TV and radio and check back in after the election....don't forget to vote of course :)

~Vincent James @ LoveSongscom