Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools - The Musics (and the Jokes) are On Us

Happy April Fools Day and hope you all don't get pranked too badly today :) If you're looking for some April Fools music we found a nice list on a Wondershare blog post check it out here:

Some of the entries include "April Fools" by Dionne Warwick (who recently filed for bankruptcy, thats ironic) and one of my favorites "Fool on the Hill" by none other than the Beatles. new look is two months old (almost ready to crawl :)

Our new look at is two months old this week and we want to thank everyone for all the wonderful feedback we've received about the new design. We couldn't be happier although we're still catching up on getting some of the initial content back online (i.e the rest of the Love Song lyrics :)). That mini-project will be complete by end of April (no foolin!) and after that look for brand new lyrics to be added each month.

International Love Songs is coming in April!!

Also coming in April is the official launch of the new International Love Songs section where we'll be featuring some of the most popular love songs from countries all over the world. If you are from outside the United States and have a favorite song from your country you'd like to see included, please like us on Facebook at and post your suggestion there.

That's all for today...we'll be back with another update mid-week (yes don't have a heart attack if you see us post more than once in a week...I realize it will come as quite a shock :)). Have a great April Fools Day and see ya soon!