Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy HALLOWEEEN Weekend to All!

Usually I blink and maybe a few days goes by, maybe a week or two. This time I blinked and almost two months slipped by. Just so much going on hard to believe I think I've written 11 or 12 new original songs this year including custom songs, songs for other artists and songs for my own Christmas release. I'm going to take a deep breath this weekend and try to catch up on everything else. Members Area - Now open! has finally opened up its members area - to find out more please sign up for our 2x/month newsletter on our home page and we'll send you the link and password so you can download new love songs every month for free (and no charge for shipping and handling ha ha).
Scary Love Songs??
Whats the scariest love song you've ever heard? It could be "scary good" or scary creepy either one (hey its Halloween :)) Connect with us on Facebook and tell us about your scariest looove song :)

New Fall Music on the Radio

So far there's not a lot of great new music this fall in my opinion. Earlier this year there just seemed to be a flood of great new pop songs but not so much as the year continued on. One song that did catch my attention recently was "Dynomite" by Taio Cruz. The verse/rap doesn't do much for me (hey I'm a melody guy :))..but the prehook into the chorus hook definitely draws you in and makes you hit "replay" on this one. Check out the international version of Taio's song and video right here:

That's all for tooooday kiddies. Have a great weekend and a very SPOOKY Halloweeen and I will be back Monday November 1st with another post or my name isn't Johnny Walker....or is it??? :)

~Vincent James @