Friday, November 1, 2013

November is UPON us - Please don't start the holiday music parade!

Greetings and Happy November 1st - Not exactly a holiday but being the first day after Halloween its does unofficially start the holiday season. I'm okay with that except please please don't start playing Christmas music until Thanksgiving. I mean if we start playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving we'll have 4 weeks to enjoy those wonderful holiday songs leading up to Christmas. But if we start hearing them anytime sooner, I guarantee we will be more than a little tired of "Silent Night", "Rudolph" and "Frosty" by the time Santa comes down the chimney. So lets keep Christmas music special and wait till the turkey's come to town :)

Zedd+Foxes = Clarity

One of my favorite songs this past month was originally released as Single of the Week by Itunes on October 2nd, 2012. It's called "Clarity" and was produced & co-written by German/Russian artist Zedd, and features English female singer Foxes. The music starts with a perfect piano & orchestral blend, then transitions quickly into the smooth silky voice of Louisa Rose Allen (aka Foxes). I absolutely love the melodic and haunting verses which build right into a powerhouse of a chorus hook. If you haven't heard this great tune yet please check out the video below for it.

New Song Voting Charts up at

We just updated our November "Vote for Your Favorite" Songs chart - October winners were "Night Train" by Jason Aldean and "My Kind of Night" by Luke Bryan. Yep that's right, country music ruled our Love Songs chart in October ha ha. Check out several new songs added for November and vote for your favorite here: Vote for Favorite Love Song

YouTube Music Awards this Sunday November 3rd

You heard right, we now have another Music Awards show to contend with, but this time it's got social media written all over it. Why? Because pretty much all the nominations and votes come from a social media source which is a pretty cool thing. For more info check out the info in today's USAToday article YouTube Music Awards - Top 40 Meets the Internet!. The show streams live on YouTube (where else) this Sunday November 3rd beginning at 6 PM ET.

That's all for today kiddies - we'll be back to you next week with another edition of music news and other fun musical tidbits. Stay safe and make that Halloween candy last last last!

Music, Love & Laughter

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