Friday, September 27, 2013

Saturday Sept 28th is International LOVE SONGS Day!

Greetings All!

Did you know that Saturday September 28th is the 4th Annual International Love Songs day? Well unless your memory is as bad as mine is sometimes, you know now haaa. This is a day where you should send (or sing :)) your love a special song to let them know just how much you care. Email or text them a YouTube link to your special song this weekend and remember the loveeeee. For all you single guys and gals, maybe its time to send a song to the cutie you've been crushin' on lately and see what happens :) Nothing ventured nothing gained I always say. Check us out on Facebook at on Facebook and let us know what your favorite love song is.

Cool new song "Brave"out now by our "Love Song" gal Sara Bareilles - Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind - check it out here - ..

We recently fell into Fall Season and hope your season is goin' great so far. More love song news and updates coming soon!

Peace, Love & Laughter

~Vincent James @