Monday, May 13, 2013

Ringtones and Randy Jackson both on their way out

Over the last week we learned that ring tones and Randy Jackson are both on their way out. Okay so they aren't totally going away :) But business for cell phone ring tones is way way down from its peak of $600 million dollars in 2006 to about $ 160 million dollars last year. What's to blame for this huge drop in ring tone sales? Do you still use/buy ring tones? Or are you like most of us that customize our own ring tones from the songs we've already gotten? For some interesting insight on whats changing in the ring tone world here's an interesting CNN article Whatever Happened to Ring Tones?

As for Randy Jackson, he has simply decided that 12 years of American Idol is enough already. I really enjoyed the show in its early hey day with Simon, Randy (the Dawg man) and crazy Paula (sorry Paula, we really love you but you have to admit some of those episodes were a little loopy :)). But it just hasn't been the same these last several years. Even Simon's last year or two was a bit of a let down. So now the last man standing for American Idol is Ryan Seacrest and you have to wonder will we really be seeing Ryan for American Idol 25th Anniversary? If so I hope Idol finds a way to make it more interesting again like the early days.

Well it's a cold May day in Philly today (not quite 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and we are really looking forward to spring returning. By the time that happens we'll be back to you with another update next week!

Music, Love & Laughter,

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy MAY DAY - is officially a TEENAGER!

That's right, 13 years ago this month, we launched Using the Way Back machine online you can see what looked like way back then here at: in May 2000. It's pretty amazing to click through the years and months and see how much the website have evolved since that basic website I put together and launched on May 1st, 2000.

Well now that we're officially a teenager, it's time to start rebelling against our parents :) So if you start to see us doing some crazy things, don't get too excited (or worried). It's probably just a phase we're going through ha!

International Love Songs has finally arrived

To help celebrate entering our teen years, we have launched the first draft of International Love Songs at There are 9 countries and over 100 traditional and modern love songs listed between them. We will be adding new countries and songs each month. If you don't see your country or one of your favorite love songs from your culture please let us know.

Lots more coming up but that's all for today. Hope your enjoying the beautiful spring weather wherever the sun rises for you each morning. Talk to you all again soon!

Peace, Love & Happiness

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