Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Goes to Top 5 Tonight

This week I did get to watch the show live and all in all it was a good show. Shania still looks great and she had some really good advice for the contestants. As for the performances there were definitely some I liked better than others. My Top 3 would be Aaron Kelly with "You've Got a Way"(that boy can sing and he really means it when it comes out), Michael Lynche with an excellent job with "It Only Hurts when I'm Breathing"(Michael is probably the best vocalist over all in the top 12) and once again Crystal Bowersox with "No One Needs to Know" (although the wow factor was missing from her performance this week). Lee DeWyze sang "Still the One" and for some reason I just don't understand the praise consistently given him....he's almost always off-key many times in his performance and there is just no real energy with his delivery. Casey James I generally like a lot although the song last night ("Don't") for me didn't do much for me. This brings me to my biggest disappoinment Siobhan Magnus with "Any Man of Mine". I love it when Siobhan wails (most times) but more and more when listen to the sound of her voice when she's not wailing and its just not that appealing a almost has a cringe factor with it which is odd because it is on key. I don't know what it is but I definitely don't like her as much as I used to.

Here's my picks for tonight...I think the bottom 3 are going to be Siobhan, Casey and Lee (or maybe I'm being hopeful ha :)) and my vote for most likely to go home is Siobhan...she's very talented but I think her time as come and hopefully her regular voice will develop more as she tours and continues to perform.

That's all for Wednesday back tomorrow with more info on Idol and full details on my "Music for Mom's" tour at 8 different Borders Bookstores next week!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Featured Song "Baby" by Justin Beiber & Happy 100th POST!!

This weeks featured new (almost new song) is "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Justin has had himself one heck of a career already selling over 1 million CDs, has had a #1 Album, a Top #5 single and is all of 16 years old. Not bad work if you can get it :) I know this one is straight for the teens (and some Moms who won't admit it) but I have to say "Baby" has quite a pop hook on it. You hear it just one time and you're singing it in your head whether you want to or not :) This one went all the way to #5 on the Billboard chart and for good reason. Now we have to wait and see if Justin has another song that matches up to this one. For now check out "Baby" on YouTube where it has been seen and heard 100 Million times (that's right 100 million). This is the version with the Ludacris breakdown: "Baby" by Justin Beiber featuring Ludacris (YouTube)

Happy 100th Blog Posting!!!

That's right this is our 100th blog posting yeaaaah! We started with 8 posts in 2008, 18 posts in 2009 (I don't know what the heck was going on) and we jumped in gear this year with this being blog post #74 for 2010 (yes we is on a roll roll roll). My goal is to hit 250 posts this year with at least 75 featured songs...stick around and lets see where we go (btw May 1st is our 10 year anniversary at - gonna break out the cake and candles :))

American Idol is down to 6 singers this week (Teflon Tim is history) and we'll be monitoring a little closer now each week until the last man/woman is standing. Who are we kidding Crystal Bowersox better be the last one standing or those of us still watching AI will revolt and jump ship to Simon Cowells new show!

That's all for Monday back tomorrow with another post after Idols sing!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday - Idol Gives Back with Inspiration

Tonight was Idol's Give Back episode and due to a studio emergency I didn't get a chance to watch it. Just reading back the blogs of how the night went it sounds like musically it wasn't a great night with the exception of Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. If I have to make a guess as to who will be sent packing tomorrow nite I'd say Michael Lynche will most likely get his walking papers one last time. Michael is a really good singer (better than many of whats left) but I just don't know that there is a fan base big enough to overcome the teens voting for Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly. Siobhan will probably also find herself in the bottom 3 along with either Aaron or Tim. At this point when I look towards the finale I'm hoping its going to be Crystal vs. Lee or Crystal vs. Casey but I guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks to see.

That's all for Tooosday will be back tomorrow with another update and a new featured song (I'm hearing it in my head over and over got to get it out :))


Monday, April 19, 2010

Today's Featured Song - "Glitter in the Air" by Pink

I promised myself I'd get back to doing daily blogs this week so here we go. We'll feature 1-2 new songs each week along with bits on whats new in the music world. About a week ago I heard one of the most touching and emotional songs I've ever had the good fortune to hear. In my opinion Pink's "Glitter in the Air" is nothing short of an emotional masterpiece and has gone all the way to #18 on the Billboard Pop chart. If you haven't heard it I urge you to take a listen - Here's a link to Pink's live performance of "Glitter" in February at the Grammy Awards complete with spinning aerobatics that is very very cool
"Glitter in the Air" - PINK at the Grammys

Lady Antebellum nabs 5 Trophies at the Academy of Country Music Awards

Country/Pop act Lady Antebellum is on a roll this year after receiving 5 trophies including best vocal group at Sunday's ACM Gala. American Idol's Carrie Underwood took home Entertainer of the Year and with that Carrie is the first female artist to ever win that award two times (sorry Taylor :)). For more info check out the full story here: Lady Antebellum wins big at ACM Awards

That's all for Monday's post - we'll be back tomorrow night with a review of the American Idol Give's Back Show - Part 1 where the Top 7 square off in an effort to survive another week along with lots of guest stars helping to raise money for charity..should be a great show and a great cause so tune in!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Loses 2 Tonight - My Picks!!

Okay I've got 10 minutes to make my guess as to who is going home tonight. AI brought back Elvis night (they did do that before right?) and most of the performances were pretty forgettable. The best by far was Crystal Bowersox with a song called "Saved" that I'm not really that familiar with. After that it was a toss up between Tim Urban (yes Teflon Tim) and Lee DeWyze with "A Little Less Conversation". Tim sang a laid back very intimate version of "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" and although slightly off-pitch at times you could really feel the song when he sang it. Mr. Tim just may find himself in the Top 5 if he keeps this up.

Going home tonight in my book will be Andrew Garcia and and Michael Lynche. Andrew's has a great voice but its not distinctive enough unless he has a killer arrangment go to with it and his version of "Hound Dog" didn't do it. Michael Lynche does not deserve to go home but he was in the Bottom 1 last week, was saved and came back with a low key song "In The Ghetto" which while moving is not the kind of song to help you stay. Considering two singers have to say goodbye tonight I'm afraid Michael's time is here.

That's my guesses for tonight and also Katie Stevens in the bottom 3 (sorry Katie but like Andrew your voice is not distinctive enough). Stop back tomorrow for a another post and our first new featured song in a while (its been a crazy month :))


Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Flashback Song - "Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

Hard to believe this song only went to #9 on the US Pop chart..."Walkin on Sunshine" is a classic summertime hit and it was soooo nice in Philadelphia today they were playing it early on the radio. If you need an uptempo pick-me-up this is the song that will do it for you..check it out here: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves (YouTube)

"Walkin'.." was originally on the debut 1983 album by Katrina and the Waves but was re-recorded and released as a single in 1985 and that's when it caught fire on the radio - 25 years ago this year!

Didi says Bye Bye this week

Didi Benami said good bye to American Idol this week after a less than stellar version of "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". I certainly never thought Didi would win but I thought she might last a few more weeks but her performance this week did her in. Teflon Tim Urban is still hanging in there after a very plain and cold version of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love"...(Anita Baker really Tim?? Really???). I know the young girls are voting for him as are VoteForTheWorst folks but hey we really need to send TIm to the showers this upcoming week :)

Blog is back after a week break.

After 80+ postings in 2010 from Jan 2nd to March 26th we took a little break from blog-land this week to recharge some batteries (like in my brain batteries). Lots of stuff going on with custom songs and other special song projects so at some point the juggling act needed an extra hand. We'll be back next week with a blog entry Monday through Friday and at least two new featured songs of the day (along with our favorite weekend flashback :)).

Have a great Easter weekend all - enjoy some time with the family, be close to the ones you love...and if you happen to see the Easter Bunny say hi to him (or her :)) for me!!