Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Yes its almost holiday time so I'll throw in a Christmas reference now and again :) All I can say is thank goodness the local radio stations aren't playing holiday music already. I guess all those complaints we made finally got their attention. Although I was in the grocery store on Nov 1st and was treated to some way too early Christmas music...o wellll...

Alright on to the topic of the post. Slowly (very slowly) but surely we are making strides to move forward with the website. We updated our Voting charts last week for Nov and December and we will have a special holiday chart that launches day after Thanksgiving. We'll also post a few Holiday related MP3s for you to download between then and New Years.

Whats next...well we've been wanting to launch an International Love Songs section for quite a while and it will finally be real on Jan 1st (as opposed to April Foolin :)). We have visitors come to from all over the world so many countries I lose track. Our first rendition of the International section will have favorites from 10-12 countries and we'll build from there. Look for more info in our November newsletter going out this Friday (if you're not on the list just sign up on the top of the our home page at

Other good stuff is on the way stay tuned as we slowly put "one foot in front of the other"...soon we'll be "walking out the doooooor"...quick name that Holiday special!! Have a great Wednesday and we'll be back with another post on Friday.

~Vincent James @

Monday, November 16, 2009

Whats Your Purpose??

Did you ever wonder why the person known as you was put on this planet Earth? I have to say thats not something I often thought about during my own life. I was recently had the good fortune to read a motivational book entitled "Success Principles" by none other than Jack of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (more on how this happened starts with horses). While reading I soon discovered that I've been wandering (not wondering) my entire adult life without any purpose at all. I tried this activity and then I tried that one, and then maybe I tried something else. Sometimes I tried all three things at the same time (lack of focus..thats another chapter in the book). It turns out I was missing the ground floor of the building of success...namely having a purpose that gives your actions some you something to build upon.

So I spent some time thinking about it...I know I love music..I love to play it, hear it, write it, pretty much anything to do with music. I also know that I have a deep caring for my fellow human. It really bothers me when I read or hear about bad news whether its a friend or someone far away in another country. So after breaking my brain for a few hours I've come up with this purpose:

"My lifes purpose is to use my creativity and compassion to entertain, inspire and motivate others to live joyfully and to be loving towards all humanity"

Pretty much this just means I want to use the creative gifts that God has given me to help make people happy and to help us all treat each other better.

I've been slacking bigtime on the LoveSongs website and this blog (6 months between posts really??). Now that I have a purpose my goal is to have 3 blog updates per week with Monday's purpose highlighting the chapter in the "Success Principles" book. Chapter 1 was about finding your purpose and I've finally found mine.

Did you know that today November 16th is International Tolerance Day (and Dec 1-7 is National Tolerance week in the US). Lets all try a little harder to be nicer to folks we meet, people we know and even people we don't know (a little more smiling on the road and a little less yelling ha ha). Life is too short to be spent being angry at anyone especially for things that in the grand scheme of things are not important. As the Beatles once said "All We Need is Love"

For info on "Success Principles" visit Success Principles Online Site. There are lots of free online resources here to help you on your way.

Have a great Monday folks and we will be back on Wednesday with a musical update!