Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy International Love Songs Day - Sept 28th

Just a quick entry today to wish you all a Happy International Love Songs Day. Today, September 28th is the 3rd annual International Love Songs Day :) Take a moment today to play some of your favorite love songs with your special someone. We had hoped to launch our new look at today, but we're still getting it all ready. You can now preview the new home page at . Please check it out and let us know how you like it.

I hope you and family enjoy this last beautiful September weekend and please look for an official launch announcement next month!


Monday, September 3, 2012

September is Here - International Love Songs Month and more!

Okay so September has been here for two days already, and International Love Songs Day is actually on September 28th, but hey I'm just getting started ha ha :) We've got big things coming up for and we can't wait to share them you. Redesign - First up, THANKS to everyone who voted for the brand new redesign at 99Designs. The polls are closed and we're moving forward with the new design. Look for it to be unveiled the week of September 24th, just in time for 9/28 International Love Songs Day.

Contest/Prizes - Also for International Love Songs Day look for a special contest where we'll be giving away some goodeis to help.

New Stuff @ - Starting in October we'll be launching new sections at including a real International Love Songs area featuring love songs from many countries around the world. We'll also be introducing "Love Songs of the 60's", "Love Songs of the 70's", "Love Songs of the 80's" and so on. We all have our favorites from our special decade and this will be your place to share and remember.

That's all for now kiddies...hope you're having a great long weekend (for us Labor Day folks in the US) and look for another update later this week.
Peace, Love & Happiness
~Vincent James @

Saturday, August 25, 2012 Redesign - Vote Vote Vote! Relaunch 9/28 - Intl Love Songs Day - Vote!!!

After way too many years of the same design we are finally relaunching with a totally new look. We've gotten dozens of designs from over 20 designers across the world and we've narrowed it down to our two favorites. Please visit Vote for Redesign to rate the two designs and please also tell us what you like or don't like about each. We're going to relaunch the site next month on September 28th which is the 3rd annual International Love Songs Day!

Thanks so much and looking forward to your here: Vote Vote Vote for redesign.

~Vincent james @

Saturday, July 7, 2012

International Kissing Day and its HOT Today!!

Well I almost missed International Kissing Day yesterday, fortunately I found out in time to give my hunny some extra smooches :) World Kiss Day as its sometimes referred to was started in the UK. I don't know how far back it dates but the earliest article I could find on it was from the year 2000 International Kissing Day. I hope you "enjoyed" the holiday and hopefully we'll get a little more advance notice next year :)

In other news we finally updated the "Current Favorite Love Songs" chart on the site adding all new songs except for one hold out (can you find it?). Some of my favorites on this months list are Pay Phone by Maroon 5 and "Drive By" by Train. One of my favorite sngs this year is "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. If for some reason you missed out on this amazingly beautiful song please check it out here "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

We are heading for 100 degrees plus today in the Philadelphia area which is just crazzzzy (hot Hot HOT). I mean I like it hot but there has to be a limit. Please keep cool in whatever part of the US and World you area, and look for another update next week. Big announcement coming about a complete website redesign (Finally we all say :)). It's gonna be a fun summerrrrrr enjoyyy!

Peace, Love & Laughter!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Just a short note today to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day! First established as St. Valentines Day back in the year 496 AD (WOW!) by Pope Gelasius I, this day is celebrated in hundreds of countries where lovers can re-express their feelings for each other (although shouldn't we be doing that every day :))

I hope you and your love have a wonderful Valentines Day today - I'm off to work for a while but will be spending a nice relaxing Valentines lunch with my love and I cannnn't wait!

~Vincent James @

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to All!

Hard to believe that the year of the Mayan curse is finally upon us. You know, the year where the Mayan Calendar runs out on 12/21/2012 so we all assume its the end of the world. First thing I want to know is how did we actually arrive at that date considering the "calendar" has changed many times over the last 5000-6000 years. Is 12/21/2012 really the right date? And maybe the Mayans were simply predicting (optimistically) the end of their own civilization, which unfortunately ended way before the year 2012. I don't know what the real story is but we'll get to watch what happens up close this year and we'll all (hopefully) breath a collective sigh of relief when yet another doomsday story fizzles out. Stay tuned!!

Musical Soundtrack App for your Phone

Okay on to music news. I came upon this cell phone app that is a "soundtracking" app, which means it identifies and captures (or retrieves) song samples from your environment and allows you to pass them among your family/friends. Kind of like posting Facebook status (happy, sad, whatever) but with a musical note added to it. Sounds pretty neat to me (being musical and all :)). For more info check it out the full article here Soundtracking App for Cellphones .

That's all for today 2012 I'm going to try and post 3-4 times/week and spotlight some of my favorite new (and old) songs. You know the kind of songs that are so good they give you the chills when you hear them :) Have a great day and we'll talk soon!

~Vincent James @