Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol ROCKS Out

The Winner - Well just like I was hoping the rocker David Cook was inaugurated as the new American Idol for 2008. I must confess to putting in 30 or so votes for DC on Tuesday night but the margin was so huge (12 Million votes) thats hardly scratching the surface. Now we can only hope and pray they find DC some quality songs as good as the ones that Daughtry has been putting out lately (its all about the songs my friends). If they get some great songs then David C will have a career that lasts beyond the initial publicity flurry that every idol receives. As Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard have proved, IDOL does not guarantee a long lasting career.

Our Idol Winner - David Cook also took 40% of the Vote on out our Final Vote talley on Idol Poll

My Idol Song - Of course I still think that my tune "I Am The One" should have been in the running for the Idol Winners song. Please check it out at "I Am The One" and let me know whatcha think.

Website Updates - These are moving slower than planned but they are progressing. We are now up to 3300 Song lyrics and our initial Wedding section updates will launch this Tuesday 5/27

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! - Please have a great Memorial Day weekend and please remember all those who served and sacraficed for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

That's all see ya next week on Tuesday with another update!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome to our first real blog posting!

I say first real post because now you can actually post comments back to us with your thoughts & opinions (comments will be reviewed at least 2x/day and posted). So get your pens ready to rock'n'roll!

American Idol - Well this week brings us to the final 3 for American Idol. All the hoopla over David Archuleta's Dad being banned from the Idol rehearsals is certainly interesting. I know its not easy but sometimes the parents gotta take a back seat and let their kids do their thing. I for one am definitely curious to see which one of the three steps up their game for this week. All 3 have the chops so it comes down to song selection, song arrangement and then nailing the performance when it counts. I'll post an update to this blog tomorrow nite after the show with my views.

Love Songs Update - Well is chugging along with updates. We now have close to 3000 song lyrics for you along with almost 200 artist pages so you can easily find your favorite songs. You can now also submit new or corrected lyrics directly to us by clicking on Lyrics Submit

Wedding Updates - Our Wedding Section changes are running a little behind but you will start seeing them this week. Please email your best or most interesting wedding pics or short video clips to for consideration for our new Pics & Video section.

Love Songs on Myspace - We recently launched our new MySpace page last week and you can hear several of our client songs we've done for Weddings, Anniversarys, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs and other events. Take a listen at Love Songs on MySpace . And Yes we'd like to be your friend :)

Live near Philadelphia? - If you live in the Philadelphia area you can see'n'hear me play with duo each Saturday nite at the Towne House in Media/PA. Great food, no cover and we play lots of your favorite tunes from the 50's to today and mixing in some of our Custom Love Songs

That's all for our first real post...if you wanna comment on anything please do and we'll get your comments up within 12 hours for our viewers. Thanks all!

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