Saturday, November 15, 2008

STOP the Holiday Music

Beware of the "Ides of November" wait that was March I missed it. Sorry my Roman history is not what it used to be. Well since our last post the USA has elected a brand new President, my home town Phillies won the World Series (we broke the curse) and gas is now very close to $ 2/gallon. Definitely signs that all is not completely bad in the world :)

That brings me to a very important subject this time of year. Why do several radio stations insist on playing Holiday music the Day after Halloween?? Does anybody ANYBODY want to hear Holiday music for 2 straight months??? I mean after hearing it for weeks on end it certainly takes the "special" out of the holiday feeling for me. Am I crazy or does anybody else agree with me? We've launched a Special Poll at to get your opinion at Holiday Music Poll . Personally I'm boycotting any station that plays Holiday music before Thanksgiving...that is the very earliest I want the beautiful "Silent Night" to be entering my ears.

Speaking of Holiday music you can stop our Lyric section starting November 28th to get all your Christmas, Santa and other Holiday Lyrics (note this is the day after Thanksgiving :)

That's all the ranting for now. I hope you and your family are weathering the economy and please be sure to remember what we are really thankful for this Thanksgiving...just being alive and having each other!

~Vincent James @