Monday, August 25, 2014

"Summer Love & Music" Tour - Now in its Final Leg!!

So when I say final leg, I'm not talking about a leg of lamb or not even a chicken leg :) All I'm saying is that this is the last week of our "Summer Love & Music" Tour and its been an incredibly inspirational month. I'll recap the whole month and tour in another post when its over, but for now I'll say its been 20 amazingly fun performances so far playing to kids from 1 to 92 (actually I think some were closer to 100 years old). Seeing how playing music for people young and old makes them light up has been such an amazing feeling. It constantly reminds me of why I am on this new mission to help people remember how important music is in all of our lives!

If you're local to the Philadelphia area I invite you to join us for some of our final dates on the tour which include:

The show this Friday night(8/29) at the Ardmore Music Hall is going to be a very special event and will feature 7 incredibly talented artists on the bill ( okay maybe just 6 incredibly talented artists plus me :)). We've got 12 year old Valerie West singing today's pop tunes like she was already a star, 15 year old Brooke Falls bringing Broadway tunes to the stage and if you close you're eyes you'll really think you're there and 17 year old Kelsey Coan will get your Country music engine started like nobody's business. Then we move on to the over-18 performers who wish were still under 18 and we've got Kim Edwards who was a finalist in the Philly Songwriters Project contest this year, Jeff Twardzik who has a male country voice like no other and who has opened for many country stars including Diamond Rio, John Michael Montgomery, Lee Ann Womack, Dwight Yoakam and more and then Leigh Goldstein whose songs, beautiful bass voice (I still think he's a baritone) and his funny comedy on stage will leave you laughing out loud and smiling on the inside (money back guarantee on this one!). Somewhere in the middle of the show I'll also be doing my Love Songs thing, whenever I'm not emceeing or playing stage hand to make sure we finish on time (you know us musicians we love to be on time!).

So if you live in the Philadelphai region (and you're reading this before this weekend :)) definitely try to come out for the show. It promises to be a fun night of music and community with friends, fans and family alike with so many musicians in attendance as well.

I'll be back on Wednesday with another post promoting Music Empowers which happens to be one of my favorite Music Education Foundations.

Peace, Love & Laughter,

Vincent James @

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Summer Love & Music" Tour in FULL SWING!"

Our Summer Love & Music Tour is now in full swing - To date we've done 10 performances so far including stops at bakeries, diners, coffee houses, nursing homes and one incredible gig at The Bourse down at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Come to think of it all of the shows were incredible as we got a very positive response every where we have gone. The Bourse was just a little extra fun as we had tourists from all over the world taking pictures and videos of the 4 performers on that day and sharing it with their side of the world. To learn more about where we'll be next in the Philadelphia area this month (and beyond) please click on KEEP MUSIC ALIVE at

It seems everywhere we go I'm reminded of how important our mission is. In some instances people seem to have forgotten what its like to hear live music (or is it possible that perhaps they've never experienced). Once they realize that the music they are hearing is LIVE in person they are like WOW this is really cool. I can honestly say we are just in the beginning phase of whats going to be a lifetime mission to reawaken the world to the importance of music, live music, pre-recorded music, country, R&B, pop, rock, ALL kinds of music!

Last 4 weeks was especially crazy in my world, hence why no new Blog entries. We'll be trying to post every day again going forward - wish us luck and as Shannon said way way back - "LET THE MUSIC PLAY"!!!

Peace, Love & Laughter,

Vincent James @