Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Yes I know about 10 days late to the party, but I had some very important errands to attend to :) Seriously though, there is so much commotion on Jan 1st, I sometimes like to wait a week or so till that dies down before I express my love for the New Year. Also just in case the new year is not going so well I could just choose to skip the year altogether.

The Death of Digital downloads - But WAIT there's more!

Everybody's saying it...we were finally hooked on the concept of owning our music digitally when digital download sales dropped in 2013 for the very first time (6% down). Before we get too upset it seems the lack of digital music sales has been offset by a 32 percent increase in digital music streaming. Trouble is of course, artists and songwriters make a lot less from a song streamed then digital sale. But a song can be streamed over and over again (from your phone, tablet, computer, car?) and if there is advertising or other money supporting that stream then its a good thing for the music industry. I think its way too early to tell how this is really gone turn out, but for my sake and millions of other musicians on the planet I hope there will also be a way to compensate musicians and songwriters for the art and craft.

Here's a few recent articles from Rolling Stone, Variety and Forbes magainine alll discussing the download/streaming changeover:

Rolling Stone - Digital-music-takes-a-dive-as-record-sales-slip-again-in-2013

Variety - Music-in-2013-purchases-down-6-timberlake-tops-album-sales

Forbes - The-music-industry-moves-kicking-and-screaming-into-a-streaming-world

Tune into Space Radio - Music from the Moon

You might think I'm making this up folks but I'm not and it's pretty cool. You can tune into Crater radio and literally hear the sounds of space interpreted by music. It takes data fro From NPR: "The CRaTER streaming radio station essentially gives a weather report by playing samples of instruments in various keys and pitches, interpreting conditions in space by a set of established rules. The musical instruments range from a piano to a banjo. The raw data comes from six different detectors on the spacecraft — so in a sense, it's like hearing a musical sextet from space." For the full article and to learn how to tune in click on the link below. I'm listening now and it's pretty interesting that's for sure.

NPR - Space-music-how-to-hear-solar-flares-from-the-moon

Well that's all for today kiddies - we'll be back to you next week with another edition of the love songs blog with some new and interesting music news for you.

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