Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend FlashBack song - "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy

Okay so the video has to go down as one of the cheesiest 80's music videos ever with its pretend live concert theme. I mean they could have at least bussed in a crowd of folks to pretend to be fans ha. But on the musical side "Weekend" is one of the best uptempo pop songs ever written/recorded. One of Loverboys 9 Top 40 hits, this one went to #29 and really its amazing it didn't go higher on the chart. But "Weekend" had the last laugh as its been a classic played every Friday throughout the land for almost 30 years now. If you somehow missed this one or want to celebrate the weekend today then take a listen here: "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy (YouTube)

Music News at

Lots of stuff going on this month...we are in the studio now recording a Christmas song (yep that Christmas) that will be released this holiday season. We also just finished doing some instrumental music for a comedy short video that will be out later in the spring. We'll also be on the radio and blogsphere this spring with Mothers Day Gift Giving shows featuring custom love songs as a special gift idea for Mom. We also just finished confirming the 8 locations for the upcoming Mothers Day mini-tour of Borders Bookstores from May 6-9 in the Philadelphia area with some Musical Mom's joining in at several locations. Its gonna be a fun fun spring (heck it is already!!)

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend we'll be back with a new post and featured song on Monday!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Featured Song "I Never Told You" by Colbie Caillat

This one takes a few listens but the chorus line "I miss everything about you" really does start to grow on you. Colbie has had some great success the last few years winning a Grammy for her "Lucky" duet with Jason Mraz and 3 Top 20 hits on her own "Bubbly", "Realize" and most recently "Falling for You" which is the one I really liked. Still her voice is so smooth on "I Never Told You" and you really feel the emotion as she laments over what she misses the most and why. If you enjoyed any of Colbie's previous hits you should definitely check this one out here: "I Never Told You" by Colbie Caillat (YouTube)

American Idol - Turn the Paige time to go home

As we and many others predicted, tonight we said goodbye to Paige Miles which was a shame - she had sooo much potential or so we thought just a few weeks ago. I remember she did the Kelly Clarkson song (which was a bold choice) and she really nailed it. She just lost her way at some point and never really recovered it. I guess part of it is being so young and relatively inexperienced and having to compete on such a large stage (physically and psychologically). Other folks who were in the bottom three these week were Tim Urban (as we guessed) and Katie Stevens (which we didn't guess we had Andrew Garcia in that slot). Well all three need to really step up their game next week or else the Top 10 is as far as they are gonna go.

Have a great nite all and may Thursday be a goooood day for you...we'll be back tomorrow with another post and some new music news!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crystal Rocks it like there is no tomorrow on Idol

Well lets start with what was undeniably the best performance of the nite and maybe the best of the season. Crystal Bowersox took on Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby Magee" and she nailed that sucker to the wall :) Regardless if Crystal wins the competion or not, American Idol has found another star artist who will launch like a rocket when the show is over. My only hope is that they don't doom her with terrible songs to sing (please somebody listen :))

As for the rest of the night much of it was pretty many old irrelevant songs. I mean you can do an old song (Crystal did) but then you have to deliver big time on it or its a huge disappointment. Between that and the pitchyness all over the place it was a mess (as Simon would say). Some bright spots were Aaron Kelly with "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith..obviously under the weather this week Aaron still delivered one of the better vocals tonight. And Michael Lynche delivered nicely on "When a Man Loves a Woman"...but as the judges noted it was a safe choice and not an artist defining moment.

Its a toss up this week as to who may be going bottom three would be Paige Miles (Paige where have you gone?), Tim Urban (its time Tim) and Andrew Garcia (another early favorite fading fast). My bet would be on Paige to go home tomorrow which is a shame that she would miss the Idol tour.

That's my picks and guesses for the night..will be back tomorrow with a new featured song and Idol results to see how I did :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Featured Song - "The Perfect Mistake" by Cartel

I went fishing for a new new song to feature today and stumbled upon this little beauty by pop-rockers Cartel from Georgia. Cartel has had some previous Billboard chart success with a song called "Honestly" in 2006 and they also appeared in MTV's Band in a Bubble in 2007. "The Perfect Mistake" is the perfect blend of melody and lyric delivered with a driving beat that leaves you wanting more of it when the song ends. If you have never heard this band or maybe just this song I invite you to check it out here. See if you're not singing "Get out, get out" before the song is done ha :) "The Perfect Mistake" by Cartel (YouTube)

What was my most perfect mistake ever?? Probably the one that led me writing music in the first is never a mistake in the end unless of course you stop playing and listening :)

Miley Cyrus leaving the Music Biz??

It seems Ms Cyrus has had enough of the music biz and is looking forward to more film projects. I can certainly understand it as she's been putting out music as Hannah and Miley most of her growing up years. She just needs a chance to get away from it for a bit but rest assured she will come back to music they always do :) Here's the full story from MTV News Miley Cyrus leaving the Music Biz?

That's all for Monday ...twas a rainy rainy day here in Philly (something about Rainy Days and Mondays :)). We'll be back with another post on Tuesday after the 11 remaining Idols do their thing and we'll pick who we think is going hooome this week.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Flashback Feature - "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson

Now that American Idol Season 9 is fully in gear, I decided to take a look back at where it all started in 2002. As we all know Kelly Clarkson won the first year and has since gone on to sell over 20 million albums worldwide. Its safe to say that American idol has definitely fulfilled its purpose in finding new music stars (and bringing in boatloads of money to the shows creators, producers and FOX not to mention Simon Cowell and the many others involved :)). "A Moment Like This" was perhaps the perfect first coronation song for AI as it delivers both lyrically and musically on the emotion of the moment for the winner (no pun intended). It truly is one of the great ballads of the decade. There have been 8 other Idol winner songs since then and honestly I have a hard time remembering any of them. Kelly's winning song went to #1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart in both US and Canada and went on to sell a million copies of the single alone (and this is before the paid download era so would probably be more if it happened today). Take a walk down memory lane from 8 years ago and take a listen and watch the original video here: "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson (YouTube)

Spring is Here - Lets hear some great new tunes!

Hard to believe it just 5 weeks ago there was like 2 feet of snow still outside (and 6 weeks ago it was still falling). The long awaited spring has finally arrived and it feels soooo good. I'm looking forward to see what interesting music news comes across the wire this new season and what new songs are released. There was a ton of great new pop songs near the end of 2009 into 2010 but lately there hasn't seemed to be much. If you happen upon an incredible new pop song please let us know by posting it hear so we can check it out. It doesn't matter if its a ballad, rock, country or R&B as long as its got that amazing hook that draws you in. The kind of song that will rise up the chart without any promotion or hype at all just because the song is that good.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks (sorry we missed our post on Friday was a crazy few days)...we'll be back on Monday nite with another post and a new featured song!

~Vincent James @

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Michael Jackson scores the biggest record deal ever

Even in death, Michael Jackson is seemingly larger than life as his estate has signed what is probably the biggest record deal of all time. The deal is for 10 albums and is worth $250 million dollars and will include lots of previously unreleased material. If you're like me you still can't almost believe that Michael Jackson is no longer with his..I had been listening to MJ since I was a little kid and poof he's gone. Just goes to show you how fragile life really is (especially when you live it on the edge as many celebrities do). Read more in the NY Daily News here:
Michael Jacksons biggest Record Deal Ever!

Well the week is almost over folks...tomorrow is Friday and I caaaan't wait. This weekend I'll be posting info about my upcoming Mothers Day week mini-tour (8 Borders in 4 days - slowing it down a little so I can actually see the people I'm playing to :)). Will be another fun time with some musical moms joining me along the way.

Have a great nite all and will be back tomorrow with a new featured song and some music biz news!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Featured Song "Light On" by David Cook

We're going Idol-themed for the rest of the month and our featured songs. On Monday we hit ya with "Whaddaya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert. Today we'll talk about "Light On" by David Cook who won the 7th season of American Idol in 2008. "Light On" was David's 2nd single from his debut album and it went to #17 on the Billboard chart after his Idol coronation song "TIme of My Life" hit #3 right after the 2008 AI season finale. I heard "Light On" again on the radio today and it just reminded me how great David's voice really is and when match with a powerful song like "Light On" he can compete with almost anyone on the charts in my opinion. If you haven't heard "Light On" or its been a while you are really missing something check it out here: "Light On" by David Cook (YouTube)

David also sang tonight on the Idol Results show with "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by the Stones...definitely was a rockin' rendition that was very well received and for good reason. David has a new CD in the works (maybe this summer?) so we're definitely looking forward to that one!

My pick for going home - goes home tonight on American Idol

Last night I picked who I thought would go home and this time I was right on the money with Lacey Brown. She seems like such a nice girl but her voice is just not steady enough and on pitch enough to really make it through. I definitely wish her the best and hopefully she'll keep singing and improving as she goes. Also in the bottom this week was Paige Miles and Tim Urban. Paige definitely deserves to hang around a lot longer, hopefully she'll recover from her laryngitis and will knock'em dead next week!

That's all for Weddddnesday..have a great nite and we'll be back tomorrow with another post on waz happening in the music world!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol Top 12 Does the Stones!

Its hard to believe that Mick and Keith from the Rolling Stones first met forming a band way way way way back in 1962. And this past summer their tour is one of the biggest live tours ever by any artist. I mean isn't that just incredible. There are many Stones songs I've always loved and most have been the softer ones..."Angie"..."Beast of Burden" (ok not totally soft) and mysterious songs like "Paint It Black" and the classic "Ruby Tuesday". Then there are the classics played by almost every bar band for the last 40+ years..."I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and so so many more.

Well our American Idol Top 12 took on the Stones tonight and for the most part did a pretty good job. My favorites tonight were definitely Siobhan Magnus with "Paint it Black" and Aaron Kelly with "Angie"....and Casey James did a great job with "It's All Over Now"....Didi Benami did "Playing with Fire" which honestly until tonight I had never heard (or don't remember hearing). She definitely pulled something out of what was a slow moving song and made it pretty cool (although I'm sure Mick Jagger did a fine job of it as well :)).

My least favorite performance of the night was Lacey Brown with "Ruby Tuesday"..the judges praised it for the most part but I just felt it was way too pitchy and unsteady throughout. I'm afraid Lacey's time may have finally come. Also in my bottom three for this week would be Andrew Garcia with "Gimme Shelter" and Katie Stevens with "Wild Horses"...both kinda boring performances...decent vocals but just nothing you could grab onto and say wow that's good.

Well stay tuned tomorrow nite to see who goes home and see how far off I am with my bottom 3 guesses :) Have a ggggreat nite all we'll back on Wednesday with a new featured song tooo!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's Featured Song - "Whaddaya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert

I have to admit I wasn't initially a big fan of this song but after hearing it a few times it definitely grew on me. I always loved Adam's performances on Idol last me he was already a star and just needed to be launched. "Whaddaya want from Me" definitely showcases some of his amazing vocal talent especially near the end. The haunting verse starts to draw you in after a few listens and after that the song builds into a powerful chorus that holds nothing back. Check out the song and video here and stay tuned for Adam Lambert's next single:
"Whaddaya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert (YouTube)

Babies Boogie to the Music

Well they say that babies start to boogie to music at a very early age (and I mean very early age). Apparently they love music a lot more than they like spoken voice so maybe we should all be singing to the little ones (and not just when we want to sing them to sleep :)). Check out the full article and info on the study here: Babies Boogie to the Music

Hope ya have a great Monday nite - we'll be back tomorrow with a blog update after American Idol's Top 12 go at it 8 PM EST. This is where we start to separate the men from the boys (or the girls from the boys :)). Either way should be much fun and we'll all be talking about it tomorrow nite!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Love Song - "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton

Perhaps the sweetest love song ever written and recorded, "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton which went all the way to #1 in 1975. Minnie's voice featured a 5 octave range, the beautiful melody and real chirping birds in the background all helped make "Loving You" stand out as a timeless classic. Sadly, Minnie was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after releasing "Loving You" and passed just a few years later in 1979. She was one of many talented artists that passed on way way before there time. If its been a while or perhaps you've never heard "Loving You" I invite you to listen here: "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton (YouTube)

Romantic St. Patricks Day Gift Ideas

Who says you can't be romantic for St. Patty's day which is coming up next week on Wed March 17th. I mean not all of us are Irish but this is the day we all get to be Irish for a day and wear our green. has come up with a list of romantic gift ideas for St. Patricks day and the list includes many interesting items including specialty green underwear (hmmmm) to a custom love song by yours truly. For the full list with some really neat ideas please visit Romantic Gift Ideas for St. Patricks Day

That's a wrap for the week folks...enjoy "LovingYou" by Minnie Riperton and with their St. Patty's day suggestions. You know I didn't even plan that tie-in (really I didn't) but man oh man that's just amazing :) Have a wonderful weekend and we'll be back on Monday with a new featured song!

~Vincent James @

Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol - Looks like I picked only 2 out of 4 this time

2nd post for the day - just an update on AI. The final 12 are in and looks like my average is slipping this week as I only picked 2 out of the 4 folks that went home (see my blog posting from a few hours ago above). I was right on the money with the guys both Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert said goodbye...Todrick gave an even better performance tonight of "Somebody To Love" by Queen and almost brought the house down. Alex was visibly upset at missing the cut but managed to get through "Trouble" again....Alex has a lot of talent too just needs more experience.

Now for the ladies I was completely off...I had Lacey Brown and Paige Miles going home but in the end it was Lilly Scott (my runnerup for going home) and Katelyn Epperly. Both Lilly and Katelyn sang old songs ("I Fall To Pieces" from 1961 and "I Feel the Earth Move" from 1971) and didn't do anything to update them. When your possibly on the edge of being voted off that will do it every time. Paige also sang an old song "SMile" but she got away with it this time probably because she wailed on a Kelly Clarkson song last week (so that girl can sssssing!).

Next week its the Top 12 with one singer going home each week (most weeks sometimes its 2). We'll be blogging after each show what we think, picking our favorites and also featuring 3 new songs each week. Have a great nite all and we'll be back tomorrow with another post and the featured song for da weekend!

American Idol - My Picks to go home for Top 12 tonight!

This is part one of a two part post tonight :) Here are my picks for who is going home tonight and who will be left in the American Idol Top 12 this season. Last week I was 3 for 4 going from Top 20 to Top 16. Lets see if my luck continues :)

For the guys I believe Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert will be saying goodbye tonight. Todrick is just too over the top with not enough real emotion in his voice to last too long, and Alex has a great sound to his voice but he is still too experienced behind the mic to connect with the audience...I'm hoping we see him again in another year or so as he continues to develop.

For girls I think it will be Lacey Brown (that was such a boring performance this week) and quite possibly Paige Miles. Paige has an incredible voice but her song choice this week was mystifying ("Smile" by Nat King Cole)..just too old fashioned and no pizzazzz

Other folks possibly in trouble tonight (Going home runnerups :)) would be Lilly Scott ("I Fall to Pieces" from like 50 years ago---really???) and Aaron Kelly (pick a song thats for your age Kara was right on - you can't connect on a song thats not you - it just doesn't work at least not with his level of experience).

That's my picks and runnerups to go home tonight Thursday March 11th. Stop back later again tonight and we'll see how I made out :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesdays Featured Song - "Naturally" by Selena Gomez

Okay I admit it, there are some non-adult shows I really enjoy watching. Two of them are music related, "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place". For HM even if you take away the music, the writing is funny, the casting perfect and the acting pretty darn good for a kid-friendly comedy. I will definitely miss this show when it stops at the end of the upcoming 4th season. "Wizards" is another one..there is no music there but good ensemble cast, lots of funny lines and deliveries. Out of Wizards comes Selena Gomez who at 17 is starting to make inroads in the music biz as well. Her latest is "Naturally" which is so far up to #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Most songs by actors/actresses from Disney/Nickolodean shows are not very good with some of Miley Cyrus's material being a notable exception (for us pop music fans). However Selena's song "Naturally" has an intriguing beat which leads into a haunting verse and pretty powerful hook in the chorus. If you haven't heard this song yet you should check it out at: "Naturally" by Selena Gomez and the Scene (YouTube)

American Idol Girls - Crystal the one to beat!

The Top 8 Girls of AI performed last night and for the most part it was an unforgettable night. Even Lilly Scott who sang yet another song from another generation was just not interesting. The judges praised her performance but I just don't get it...she is a great singer/performer but without something new/original/unique its just not happening for me. The one bright shining star of the night was Crystal Bowersox who showed right away why she is the front runner with her version of Tracy Chapman's "Give me one Good Reason". She took Tracy's version and give it her Crystal spin and it was allll that. Other performers who had a decent night were Didi Benami and Siobhan Magnus. I've been a fan of Siobhan for a while but Didi surprised me with a laid back version of Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac which was pretty tasty. The top 8 guys are up tonight - tomorrow we'll post again with our picks for who is going home.

That's all for tonight folks....we missed our Tuesday post yesterday cause it was my birthday YEAH ME I'm 19 again ha ha! It was a fun day and at the end I just didn't feel like spending the end of the night on the computer. We'll be back again tomorrow though and again with a weekend post on Friday. Have a great nite all!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Featured Song - "Do You Remember" by Jay Sean

Exactly one month ago we featured "Down Down Down" by Jay Sean and we're back pushing his tunes again. "Do you remember" is one of the best R&B flavored pop songs I've ever come across with a bit of tasty hip-hop thrown in for good measure. His other hit "Down, Down Down" went to #1 on the Billboard chart while this one stalled at #10...but truth be told I like 'Do you Remember" just a bit better. When you're done listening you will want to listen again and you will remember I promise...check it out here: "Do You Remember" by Jay Sean (YouTube)

Male Mice sing Love Songs!

Did you know that male mice sing ultrasonic love songs to drive the females wild. Maybe there is something we can all learn from our little rodent friends...they seem to know the right way to attract a new mate ha ha. Check out the full article here: Male Mice sing Love Songs!

That's all for today most Mondays its always a hard adjustment back to the grind of everyday life (can't Sunday last twwwwo days all by itself :)). Oh well we'll be back tomorrow with another post after the American Idol Top 8 Girls showdown (is it girls on Tuesday or guys who knows :)). This is the last week before they start the Top 12 Format next week and start eliminating one singer per week (most weeks..some weeks it may be 2). Have a great nite all!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Fridays Featured Song - "Old Fashioned Love Song" by 3 Dog Night

Almost 40 years ago there was this really cool song that with its opening organ-driven melody almost put you in a trance. "Old Fashioned Love Song" for me will always be a very special was 3 Dog Nights' 7th top 10 hit and this one went all the way to #4 on the Billboard chart. If you have never heard it or its been a while check it out here: "Old Fashioned Love Song" - 3 Dog Night (YouTube) . By the way one of those other top 10 hits was "Joy To the World" (not the Christmas song) which starts out with a line about a about a very cool song that is unlike anything you've ever heard :)

Welcome to Corporate Sponsored Music :)

With CD sales continually heading downward more and more artists are turning to corporate sponsorships and product placements to help earn a living. From Lady Gaga to Chris Brown to Iggy Pop, musicians of varying styles and substance no longer find it objectionable to tie their music to a corporate brand. I personally don't think its such a bad thing and if its not done overboard by any one artist (or brand). A recent LA TImes article really delves into this topic check it out here: "Welcome to Corporate Sponsored Music"

That's all for Friday we almost didn't make it to post by Midnight but here goes..we'll be back on Monday with another post and a new featured song from the modern times :)

~Vincent James @

Thursday, March 4, 2010

VH1 Behind the Music is Back!

VH1's Behind the Music is back with several update episodes including Judas Priest, John Lennon and Genesis. All three of those are available to watch online here: Watch VH1 Behind the Music . Also an updated Def Leppard episode debuts this Saturday March 6th on Vh1. Some of the best music-related television I ever watched was some of these behind the music shows. Its good to see VH1 bringing them back and hopefully they will continue and do new artists as well.

American Idol - Bye bye to 2 girls and 2 guys - I was 3 for 4 :)

Tonight we said goodbye to 2 girls and 2 guys as we're now down to 16 finalists. 3 of the 4 that went home tonight I picked in last nights blog posting and they were
Haeley Vaughn , Michelle Delamor and Jermaine Sellers. John Park also went home tonight so that means my other pick Toddrick Hall lives on another week. Check back next Tuesday and Wednesday as I review the shows and try to guess the next 4 going home (its gonna get harder and harder to do). After next weeks show we'll have the Top 12 which is where the competition really heats up.

Hey hey tomorrow Friday is finally here YEAAAH we'll be back with another post tomorrow nite and a new featured song for the weekend!

~Vincent James @

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesdays Featured Song - "Private Emotion" by Ricky Martin

This one goes back 10 years ago but it was and is one of my favorite love songs and recordings ever. Written by Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman of the Hooters, they put it on the Hooters "Out of Body" CD In the 90's...Ricky picked it up and put it on his self-titled CD in 2000 and it went to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hhonestly I feel it deserved top 10 - the song really delivers on the emotion both lyrically and melodically. If you haven't heard "Private Emotion" you are missing out take a listen here: "Private Emotion" by Ricky Martin (YouTube)

Girls takin' the stage on American Idol Tonight - Crystal Rocks and Siobhan was AMAZING!

After getting switched with the boys last night the girls finally did their thing tonight and were some shining spots. Two of my favorites was the leadoff spot with Crystal Bowersox. Ill last night (which moved the girls to tonight) she delivered what I thought was an amazing performance. She's the one I can't wait to see each week what she is going to do next. Coming close to her is Lilly Scott....its great having two indie singer-songwriters on the stage and even cooler having so many contestants playing their instruments this season. Then the end of the show came with Siobhan Magnus and oh my goodness she was amazing. SHe performed "Think" by Aretha and is nailed that song to the wall and it aint never coming off. If you didn't hear it go find it online today and wait for that note near the end. Siobhan if you continue like that you ARE the one to beat this season.

Apple ITunes Playing Hardball with Amazon

Once again Apple is playing more like Goliath instead of David and is whining to the record labels because they are doing promotions with both Itunes and At some point someone needs to put Apple in their place - they are not gonna be the be all and end all in digital music forever. They had a nice run being in the lead but at some point competition is going to surround them on all sides thats how capitalism works. I wouldn't be surprised if their complaining eventually backfires driving more people to and other sites to buy their music.

That's all for today back tomorrow with another post after the AI REsults show - my guesses for who's going home would be Haeley Vaughn (pitchiness continues) and Michelle Delamor (which I hope not - she is much better than the song she did tonight "Arms Wide Open". For the guys going home may be Toddrick Hall and Jermaine Sellers. Check back tomorrow to see if I'm right or waaaay off :)

~Vincent James @

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lady Antebellum leads the ACM Nominations

We just can't get that "Need You Now" song out of our head and apparently neither can the country music industry. Lady Antebellum snagged 7 American Country Music Award nominations to lead the pack with Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert tagging at their heals. Its been a big year already for this talented trio after already appearing on the Grammys recently. I'm looking forward to hearing more great music from these folks! Lady Antebellum leads ACM Nominees

American Idol Top 10 Guys are finishing up now

Just finishing up watching the Top 10 guys for American Idol as they prepare to lose two more this Thursday after the voting. Overall as a group they have gotten better from last week but I haven't seen a lot that amazed me this week...although I missed almost all of Michael Lynches performance (will check the tape and feedback later). Once again though song choice is proving to be crucial..I wish I could spend 15 minutes with each contestant each week helping them pick a song and the arrangement. I mean I'm no musical genius but I think I'd do a bit better...its hard for them most are so young and inexperienced.

Most disappointing performance of the nite for me was Andrew Garcia..I really like Andrew but like the judges said he's continuing to take steps backward...strange song choices and pitching all over the place...he really needs to pull another "Straight Up" miracle out of his hat if he's here next week.

On a side note I really enjoyed Ellen a lot more tonight then last week. She's bringing a lot more humor to the panel with her comments tonight and it makes the show that much more entertaining.

That's all for tonight...featured song is still "Perfect Day" by Hoku - stop back tomorrow for another blog post and a new featured song!

~Vincent James @

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mondays Featured Song = "Perfect Day" by Hoku

Okay so the song actually came out several years ago but has gotten new life with TV commercials including JC Penney's and Sandals Casinos. Hoku, the daughter of the late great Don Ho, disappeared from the music scene for 5 years after parting ways with Geffen records but has recently surfaced again and appears to have a new CD out. The song "Perfect Day" only went to #121 on the Billboard chart back in 2001 but has just about the most perfect chorus hook I've ever heard - absolutely perfect for any spring/summer day (no pun intended). Since today is March 1st and we hit 50 degrees in Philly I say its a perfect song for the day :) Check out the song and "Legally Blond" movie clip that featured teh song here:

To see and hear what Hoku is up to nowadays check out her official YouTube Channel: "Perfect Day" by Hoku (YouTube) Chart Update - Feb winner was "Need You Now"

Tonight we're resetting the current favorite love song chart and adding some new tunes in. February's winner was again "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum with runner up "Life After You" by Daughtry. Check out the updated poll on our homepage here at

LA Times reports that music is good for any age

Its never too early or late in our lives to enjoy music according to the LA Times. There are so many benefits ranging from increased brain/memory capacity to simply boosting our spirits. I've always said a song or 50 songs a day keeps the doctor away ha here's proof :) CHeck out the full article here: Music Good For You At Any Age

So glad March is finally here and looking forward to some warmer weather. Tonight when you go to sleep say a prayer for the folks in Chile and for Haiti again as well..mother nature has definitely putting them on the ropes.

Will be back at ya Tuesday with another post seee yaaaa!

~Vincent James @