Saturday, December 5, 2009

National Tolerance Week & LET IT SNOW!

I recently learned that the first week in December is "National Tolerance Week". Being at the start of the holiday season its a great time to remind ourselves that its okay for others to be different than us. Race, Age, Sex and Religion are just a few factors that we all pay too much attention to when interacting with others. Lets face it...we are all human beings at the core and irregardless of our own beliefs we should all be respectful, tolerant and understanding of each other in every aspect of life. I tried to search online for some more information on National Tolerance week and was surprised when most of the search results had to do with promotional products to be bought (yes Hallmark has even invaded the peace message :)). Oh well at least its a start. So when you go out into the world this week, this month and next year....when you run into someone who is different from you and your first inner reaction is to pull back...think again and instead reach out. We are one world, one planet and one race..the human race.

That's my heavy topic for the on to the lighter side...specially snow. I'm happy to say that we have SNOW in Philadelphia again in early December. My first son was born today and it seems that almost every year there is snow on Dec 5th...maybe its just me but I think I'm on to something...maybe he should have been born an elf or something :)

Hope you are having a great week and keeping warm (I heard it snowed in Houston this week...really???). We'll be back with another post on Monday and some music news you can use :)