Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to have a Songversation with your Child

Music teacher, author and New York native Kia Portafekas has written a book about how to really connect children with music. Entitled "Making Music With Your Child", the book delves into non-traditional ways of sharing the gift of music with children. Now living in sunny California, Kia makes a really good point, saying that while regular music lessons are great, often times children start to pull away from music after a little while. To them, it can easily start seeming like just another school class with homework that they have to do. I myself have heard from countless adults over the years who were "forced" to take music lessons as a child, eventually rebelled away from it and later in life wished they hadn't. But as a child it was their natural reaction to something they weren't doing of their own choosing.

One of the techniques Kia talks about is having songversations with your child. In her words:

"Express your love for music by having a "songversation." Sing everything you want to say! You can try this with words, first, and then have a "songversation" using no words, only sounds"

Kia also says to talk to your children about the kinds of music they like and ask them what images they see when listening to it. I'd also say to ask them how different pieces of music make them feel. A primary purpose of music is to help others feel what you were feeling when you wrote the song or piece. Take a moment yourself to really listen to a few songs on the radio or YouTube and think about how each song makes you feel. If the songs really resonates with you and makes you feel something, then the songwriter, artist and producer have really accomplished their mission.

I came across Kia and her book in an article published by the Johns Hopkins School of Education - Making Music With Your Child . If you'd like to learn more about how to share the gift of music with your children or other children you teach definitely check it out. Then once you're done you should hop over to Kia's website at where you can learn more about her and purchase her book Making Music With Your Child

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