Saturday, July 5, 2014

Precious Memories - 4 Golden Couples share their song and story

This morning I happened upon a beautifully touching video created by CDZA Music, a company that creates musical video experiments. CDZA actually stands for Collective Cadenza and was formed in New York City in 2012 and features over 150 talented musicians who together create and launch a new YouTube music video every other week.

The first video that brought them to my attention featured 4 Golden Couples and having them dance to their wedding songs from long ago (in most cases long ago, please read on). 3 of the couples have been married/together for over 50 years including Mike and Frances who were married in 1942 and first danced to "I'm Glad There Was You" by Jimmy Dorsey and Paul Mertz and first published in 1941. Another couple celebrating are in their 80's and both widowed - they were looking for someone to share the rest of their golden years together and found each other on . One very special couple had been together for 57 years but were only able to be officially married recently when the Gay marriage bans began to be overturned. I absolutely urge you to listen and watch these 4 couples as they dance to their special song and talk about how they met and what there lives were like together. I honestly got chills several times while watching as there stories and songs really touched me.

I have a feeling we'll be talking a lot more about CDZA Music in the future. I've only begun to scratch the surface for all the fun, entertaining and touching musical videos they have created. Some of the titles that have caught my eye include "Fresh Prince: Google Translation", "History of Wooing Men (and Woman)", "The Human Jukebox" and "History of Misheard Lyrics" - Many of these videos have already received 2-3 million views so there is definitely something happening here at the CDZA YouTube Channel

I hope everyone in the USA had a safe, fun and entertaining 4th of July - for our British friends across the pond we're hoping that after almost two and a half centuries there are no hard feelings :)

Music, Love & Laughter,

~Vincent James @

p.s. KEEP MUSIC ALIVE Day #5 – Visit our first post from Tuesday July 1st for more information about our mission

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