Thursday, July 3, 2014

What happens when 350 Musicians meet for the very first time?

Even better: What happens when 350 Musicians meet for the first time and play a new song that's just been written? That's exactly what happened last month as part of Make Music New York.

Held every year on the Summer Solstice June 21st, The Make Music New York event was held this year for the 8th time and National Public Radio (NPR) has a really cool twist to it. This year and two years ago they commissioned a new musical piece to be written and invited any musician brave enough to learn the piece and try it out in public together with hundreds of musicians for the first time together to come and join in. Come and join in they did, over 350 strong. Marching bands, student musicians, Brazilian and African ensembles and even drum lines from professional sports teams. There were even a few violin players in the crowd who after hearing this majestic piece may have struggled to hear their instrument.

Here's the preview video of "100+ BPM" posted right after the event:

To get the full effect and learn more about the composer and volunteers you need to visit the NPR page here AND also see and hear the complete song & video of all the different participants. Its just amazing how strong, triumphant and crisp the performance is considering these guys and gals have never all performed together and its a NEW song - Simply amazing - Please check it out here: "100+ BPM - Full song & video by Field Recordings @"

Make Music History

The Make Music yearly events in America are based on France’s “FĂȘte de la Musique”, a national musical holiday inaugurated in 1982. Ever since, the festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 726 cities in 108 countries, including Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Australia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

In North America, June 21st celebrations now include Make Music Chicago, Make Music Denver, Make Music Los Angeles, Make Music Madison (WI), Make Music New York, Make Music Philly, Make Music Portland (ME), and Make Music Vancouver.

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p.s. KEEP MUSIC ALIVE Day #2 - Visit our first post from Tuesday July 1st for more information about our mission

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