Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Michael Buble sings special YouTube tribute for young fan with Autism

For today's good news story, we travel to the land of Canada and into the musical world of Michael Buble. Turns out 6 year old Griffin from Calgary is a big Michael Buble fan and has often listened to his music and watched his videos, many times as part of his treatment. Music can be a powerful force in getting youngsters with Autism to open up.

Griffin's parents really wanted to take him to the recent Buble concert in Calgary, but like many autistic children, he does not fare well with large crowds. So instead they sent a message to Michael's reps explaining how big a fan their son was of his music. Knowing that Michael must get numerous letters like this they really didn't expect to get a response. They were however thrilled when a package came with a CD and autographed poster. Little did they know the biggest surprise was yet to come. A short time later Michael posted a one minute YouTube video where he sings an adorably cute melody and lyric directly to his young fan.

Here's the video of Michael singing the little "Griffin" ditty:

Original credit for turning me on to this heart-warming story was the Calgary Sun with this article Calgary Sun: Nice Guy That Buble - Crafts Musical Message for Autistic Fan . If you read through the article you'll see how Griffin responded when he realized Michael was singing directly to him.

Michael Buble first made a name for himself singing covers of standards and other popular songs from years gone by. Since then he has also hit the current pop charts with some pretty awesome tunes. My two favorites would have to be the beautiful ballad "Home" from 2005 making it up #72 on the Pop chart and much higher on the Adult Contemporary chart. That was followed up four years later with the smash hit "Haven't Met You Yet" which is a great great upbeat pop song. If you play this a few times you will not get it out of your head I promise. We'll start you off with "Home":

And then here's a great live performance of "Just Haven't Met You Yet" recorded as part of the 96.5 TIC.FM Acoustic Café in Connecticut.

We'll keep coming at you with new stories every day so please stop back - Stories that will make you feel good about music and how much it does for all of us. Have a great nite and see you soooooooon!

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